Water Leak Damage Claims, Paul Greene and Co.

Most buildings will suffer damage from a plumbing leak at some point. As might be expected, we deal with a new water leak claim on an almost daily basis.

We manage everything from the small domestic leak to large commercial leakage resulting in seven-digit losses.

Upon appointment, our first priority is to evaluate your compliance with the terms of your own insurance policy and the adequacy of your insurance cover.

We will then assist you in deciding if the claim is worth pursuing with consideration of the potential effects on your premium.

In certain situations, we can assist by video call initially. Video calls can be arranged outside normal business hours if required.

Water leakage can be just as damaging as fire. We have dealt with several extreme loss events rendering properties uninhabitable and structurally compromised.

In such situations we can assist with emergency response planning including co-ordination of emergency works, alternative accommodation claim, relocation costs claim, and contractor appointment.

Water Leak Damage Claims, Paul Greene and Co.

We have exceptional experience and knowledge around the effects of water damage including;

Water Leak Damage Claims, Paul Greene and Co.
  • Detrimental effects of water on certain types of wall and floor insulation
  • Drying impediments including situations where water becomes trapped beneath damp proof membrane and radon barrier
  • Effect of water leakage from gun barrel heating pipework typically resulting in a multitude of leaks throughout the gun barrel system
  • Potential for water leakage to cause structural subsidence

Commercial Water Leak Claims

We have managed many commercial leak claims where the affected business is completely shut down due to the damage caused. As your Loss Assessors, our role on commercial leak claims includes management of business interruption losses. It is our role to see policy entitlements delivered to our clients in full.

We calculate our business interruption claims to compensate beyond the point of business re-opening. Our business interruption claims are assembled with the objective of your business being compensated up to the point where revenues are restored to pre-incident/damage levels (subject to policy terms and insurance adequacy).